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Texas lace


***Adhesive Vinyl*****

these are printed on High quality 5yr adhesive Vinyl and are waterproof.
The 6" is large and would be for a laptop or car window.
The 3.5" is the perfect size for tumblers and cups

Most decals will have a white offset

Our decals all come with a carrier layer.This is a clear layer will help you perfectly align your decal. Just peel the decal off the backer, place it, push it down being sure to work from the middle out towards the edges, and carefully peel back the clear carrier layer. Super easy.

Decals can be removed easily from most hard non-porous surfaces (i.e. metal, glass, plastic) if you warm them up with a little heat from a hair dryer (on low setting, not more than 5-10 secs of heat) and peel slowly.