About Us

Bling3t was born out of a passion that started over thirty years ago. Our dad began screen printing shirts following our brother around wrestling tournaments in New Jersey back in the early 90s. Each weekend we would pile into the family van and travel to tournaments, printing T-Shirts, offering custom additions like names, places and weights. Over time, we all took our turn as the family cashier, machine worker, art designer and van driver. Each of us has contributed in our own way to the family business. And now, we are excited to embark on this new journey together.

Bling3t is the aspiration of three siblings (Teirre, Taneshia and Tamiza). We wanted to design clothing that we wanted to wear, images we were passionate about. When we sit down with a customer, we try to understand what drives them, motivates them and excites them. Whether it is their favorite sports team or local youth sports league, what drives you is what drives us. See us as the art studio for your passions. We put your passion on display for the world to see.

3T is us standing on the shoulders of our parents and Sporting Designs and providing a wider range of customers unique, custom apparel printing solutions. We are not the biggest sports fans. Our interests begin with our families and extend to our personal passions. Bling3t offers you the opportunity to design something unique and personal that is just for you. What we do for you is just for you. That is the way our parents raised us.

Personal service and personal satisfaction is what we believe in and strive to deliver with every customer interaction.