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Spangle Custom Design

What Is A Spangle?

Spangles are the latest trend in apparel BLING!! They are flat, sort of like a sequin, but they don't have that ugly hole in the center. They sparkle, bling and shine just like rhinestones but they are LEAD FREE, unlike rhinestones. Spangles are safe for small children and even babies! You can do all your daily activities in Spangle! You can workout in it, play ball, cheer, flip, clean house and even sleep comfortably in your trendy spangle bling. Spangle is soft so they won't scratch you or get caught on something causing them to fall off! While we will be selling transfers we will also do bulk completed orders!

  1. Attach your art below and checkout with the quantity you are looking for and size. This will make the process more seamless down the road!
  2. You will receive a response within 1 business day letting you know if it’s something that can be done.
  3. We will send you a listing to pay for the spangle set up fee. If the design measurement is up to 8inches the set up fee is $15. If it’s up to 12inches it’s $20. With each design setup you get 1 free spangle transfer with a completed order.
  4. Once setup fee is paid we will send you a proof within 3 business days.
  5. On customs we cannot give an exact cost per transfer until the art is done. But you can use this as a guide. Of course if it’s something insane with like 6 colors it could be more. Design Size Cost: 5inch and under $7, 8inch and under 8.50, 10inch and under $9.50, 12inch and under $11
  6. There will be quantity discounts (same design). For the 12inch it will work like the below. I will do a complete chart in the next few days to show it for all sizes. But you get the idea! Quantity Price: 1 - 2 transfers $11, 3 - 6 transfers $10.50, 7 - 9 transfers $10, 10 - 12transfers $9.50, 13 - 24 transfers $9.00, 25-30 transfers $8.50, etc.