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Application Instructions


Pre-Press your shirt for 5 Seconds to get out moisture Apply the transfer and press at 375 for 7 seconds with heavy pressure. Peel Hot. If your transfer is not adhering increase your pressing time. If you take the transfer sheet off and it's slightly lifting use your teflon sheet and press for another 5 seconds.



Remove the backing first.

Set the heat-press to 300 degrees. Set the timer to 12 seconds.

Adjust the upper platform so the pressure is high, but still able to lock down (if your machine measures 0-9 pressure, it should be set to 7).

Lint roll your garment to remove any fibers, lint or anything else that might prevent the spangle from coming in direct contact with your garment.

Pre-press your garment to flatten out any wrinkles, and then allow it to cool.

Cut away any excess transfer paper that serves no purpose.

Place spangle design on the garment. Lower heat-press for 12 seconds. Once finished, remove garment and lay out flat on your work table.

Rub the design to assist in cooling (recommended to use a shirt or cloth to protect hand from heat).

Warm peel (not HOT or COLD) transfer paper off in whichever motion works best for that design (but generally pulling at an angle seems to work best).

If you feel any spangles are not 100% secured after peeling, press a second time for about 4-5 seconds. DO NOT reapply the sticky transfer sheet.


Sublimation Instructions

Preheat your shirt for 5 seconds

For 100% polyester you can press for 30 seconds at 385 degrees. For triblends we press 45 seconds at 400 degrees (Always use heavy pressure)

Peel transfer hot.

For best results use 100% polyester shirts. Triblends work well but you will see some fading. Sublimation requires patience and working with your heat press settings. All presses are different and the settings provided are a guide based on what works for us. There are no special care or washing instructions for sublimation. As long as you are using the correct poly count you will have no trouble.

Vinyl Transfer Instructions

Heat Press- 320° for 15 seconds.

Warm peel transfer mask.

Care: Do not dry clean • Machine wash WARM /mild detergent • Dry on normal setting • No chlorine bleach or fabric softener • Wait 24 hours before first wash


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